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Homeless Encampment Clean-Up near the Red Caboose.

The AHAC (Antioch Homeless Advocacy Coalition) and Facing Homelessness Teams come together to clean up an encampment in downtown Antioch.

We just want to make Antioch Beautiful Again.

Our goal is to get rid of the garbage that the community sees in the city that the homeless attribute to and therefor makes them stereotype and see the homeless in a bad light. Our goal is to let the public see that when given a chance to clean up their areas, the homeless take advantage of it and when given garbage bags, dumpsters and people to pick up the bags after being filled with garbage, they are happy to clean up their area.

There was a large area full of garbage and used needles. Our teams picked up 3 large dumpster truck full of garbage and approximately 60 needles.



Needles that we cleaned up

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