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The city passes the Executive Inn Lease! Finally!

We are excited that the city finally passes leasing the Executive Inn Hotel for transition housing for the unhoused. Facing Homelessness knows so many of our friends who have been on the streets for decades that have gotten into programs and are off of the streets and bettering their lives. People have gotten their social security benefits, Medi-Cal, jobs, training, help with mental health and addiction, and housing. When you see that happen, after seeing them suffer for 5 years in the cold and heat, it is addicting. We are so happy the city is moving forward with this project. We are still advocating for more things that can help folks on the streets, but we must say, this is pretty big. Facing Homelessness has been advocating for this program for 3+ years. It's finally happening, and we couldn't be happier.

We do get on the council and Mayor a lot, but we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to those who voted YES to be the change we need to make a difference in our street family's lives here in Antioch.

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