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Rest in Paradise Bennett J Gaxiola

My heart aches as I just learned of our friend Bennett J Gaxiola III passing away from natural causes. I met him back when I first started serving the unhoused 5 years ago. He moved to Mississippi and would still connect with me on Facebook for years. Even sending money to our go fund me to help serve his friends that were on the streets in Antioch.

He recently came back to Antioch with his wife. I was at the tent for tacos event about a month ago and he went to show me something on his phone and I saw his fb page said Bennett. I was like "you're Bennett?" He said yes! He looked so different. We hugged and talked for a long time. I met his wife, and they are both amazing people. He would send me updates on the weather, inquire about warming centers as they were living on the streets. He would send me heartwarming videos. He just sent me this video last week.

I really can't believe it. He was so full of love and hope for this city and was so happy about life, even in his situation. He just wanted help to get out of his situation. Today is a sad day. You will be missed my friend.


Nichole Gardner

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